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Best Adult Dating Sites

The Best Casual Dating Websites

Getting laid feels great. Agree?

Getting laid often feels even better!

Getting laid when you want – and with whom you want – is amazing..!

But is this even possible?

If you could achieve this, you would be unstoppable! Stuffed with confidence! Larger than life!

And today I will show you how to get these superpowers:

-You think I’m kidding..?

The secret is to use casual dating sites. And to use the right casual dating sites. But equally important: To master them like a king.

But before we start, lets first have a cool look at the hookup website industry to understand how it works and what’s going on.

How Hookup Websites Work

If you have searched online for casual dating websites, you will have seen that there are lots of them. I mean, there are so many it’s overwhelming.

Why are there so many hookup sites out there?

It’s because there is a huge market for sex and casual dating. There are millions of men and women out there who want to have sex, and to have it in an easy and quick way.

And therefore, dating and sex is big business.

Did you know that about 25% of all online searches are related to sex? Insane, right? It just shows that there is an enormous demand and interest in sex.

You might ask: Who uses these hookup and sex dating sites?

The answer is: Your neighbor. And your co-worker. And possibly your accountant. People from all walks of life use casual dating sites. Common people.

You might get surprised by whom you find if you join.

Experimental teenage girls who are curious, senior executives looking for discretion, married men and women wanting an escape from a sexless existence, single moms who don’t have time for dating, young men and women working late hours who want satisfaction – the range and character of people is astonishing.

A common question people ask is: Are there not a lot more men on these casual dating sites than women?

The answer to this is yes. You will often find that the percentage of women on some of these sex dating sites is only 10-30%.

Men are generally less shy about their sexual desires, are more direct and have less of a hurdle to cross before putting their sexual urges into action.

Women on the other hand, are generally more sexually (at least initially) reserved.

Remember, there is also some serious risk for a woman to meet up with a stranger. The man is generally physically stronger which makes the woman more vulnerable.

That said, men are not necessarily hornier than women. Women lust for sex just as much as many men do.

In fact, often times when a man crosses the initial reservations of a woman, she can be so horny and so lustful and want so much sex, it can blow a man away (no pun intended here)!

You have experienced that right..?

But because there are generally more men than woman on these hookup sites, it’s relatively easy for a woman to have an abundance of sex.

If you are a man, it’s different. You will probably get laid from time to time, but in order to have endless options of sexual partners, you need to master the game.

And I will teach you how. But we will get to that in a little.

For those of you who are totally fresh to this, let me quickly explain how you use a casual dating site to get laid.

There are a few things to be on the lookout for when trying to identify the top casual dating websites. Here are 4 of the most important ones:

As we already learned, there are thousands of casual dating websites out there. In any year, there are probably hundreds entering the market (no pun intended here either) and also probably hundreds disappearing.

How To Find The Best Hookup Websites?

There are a few things to be on the lookout for when trying to identify the top casual dating websites. Here are 4 of the most important ones:

As we already learned, there are thousands of casual dating websites out there. In any year, there are probably hundreds entering the market (no pun intended here either) and also probably hundreds disappearing.

In other words, may of these ‘getting laid websites’ don’t last for that long.

1) The best casual dating sites have often been around for many years. They still exist because they are good.

You also want to choose a hookup website that has lots of members. A casual dating site that has 5,000 members will not get you laid as often as one with 60 million members.

And of course, you need to make sure there are lots of members in your specific location.

2) The top hookup sites have millions of members, and lots of members in your area.

As we also already learned, there are generally more men on these casual dating sites than women. If you are a man and want to increase your chances of getting laid, you want to see a good male to female ratio. Anything above 25% women is good.

3) The best sex encounter sites have a somewhat balanced male to female ratio.

Also, if you are into chubby women aged 30-40 with large boobs and red hair, you need to be able to find them. Or if you like guys that are athletic, don’t smoke and like going down on women, you need a way to find that as well

4) The best casual dating sites have an advanced search feature with lots of filtering options.

The Costs Of Sex Dating Sites

Before we go on and tell you how to become a star on the top casual dating sites, we wanted to add a word on costs.

Pretty much all the sex dating websites charge members to meet other members. It’s how they make money and stay in business. The top casual dating sites charge from $10 to $20 a month if you sign up for a membership that lasts for 3 months or longer.

If you only want a one-month membership, this normally costs from $15 to more than $30.

There are casual dating sites that are free, or charge very little. This can be a plus if you have little or no money to spend.

However, our experience is that you get laid much more frequently with the paid adult dating sites, and that you endure a lot less frustration. To learn more about the top free casual dating websites, please go here.

If you are going to invest time and effort into this, and meet quality people, our recommendation is to go with the quality sites and pay for a subscription.

Members that pay are in our experience more serious and committed about getting laid, and these are the people you want to meet.

Now, lets dig into what to do in order to master the adult dating websites.

How To Get Laid Every Week With Adult Dating Sites

It would be great to get laid every week with a new woman, right?

You may think you are not good enough looking, weigh too much, are too old, don’t make enough money, etc.

Leave all these limiting beliefs behind. I will tell you how anyone can get laid every week using these top casual dating sites.

Succeeding with adult dating sites is, to break it down, mastering these three elements:

  • Your profile
  • How you message and interact on the site
  • What you do when you meet

Let’s take this step by step:

How To Create A Great Casual Dating Profile

It all starts with your profile.

If you are a man, your profile needs to not only be good, but super good. It needs to stand out.

An average woman gets approached by lots of other men, so when you contact her, your profile needs to catch her attention. She needs to want to learn more about you.

How do you create an awesome profile?

First off, you need great images and videos (for those sites that allow videos). Do not add selfies only. That makes it look like you don’t have friends and are a loner. Show yourself with other people doing fun and interesting things.

You want to be a cool, fun and interesting person that other people want to be around. People should want to be part of your life.

You also want to have a few full body shots of yourself (with clothes). Why?

Because many people will leave a profile that doesn’t have a full body shot. Reason?

They want to see what you look like. It is very hard to gauge a persons attractiveness without a full body shot.

It could be photos of you at a barbecue, playing sports, presenting, speaking, etc.

If you have a nice upper body, whether you are male or female, you should add a couple images of your upper body without clothes. Show off a little.

However –

Do not add dick-pics. Do not put them among your profile pictures (or videos). You can share this later on if she asks for it.

Be classy – there is no need to show your dick and obscene stuff in your profile. Yes, you are looking for someone to hook up with, but you want to be classy and have finesse. Most women like finesse and a calm start.

If you are a woman, you can include full nudity. Most men do not see this as a negative.

Important: The most crucial part of your profile is your profile picture (or video). Make sure this is really, really good. This is what determines whether a user will open your profile to learn more. Or not.

On to the information you add in the profile:

You want to be a person who lives an awesome life. You want to be a person other people want to spend time with. People should feel lucky and privileged to spend time with you.

You should show that you do fun things, are fun and cool, have lots of friends and that your life is to be envied.

Show pictures of you scuba diving, running a half-marathon, speaking at a conference, doing volunteering, being in cool places like the Empire State Building or the beach.

Smile and laugh in the pictures. Be fun. Be cool.

Make sure you also write interesting and fun things about yourself.

Don’t brag. Don’t be full of yourself. Keep it light. Keep a fun and humorous tone. Make the reader smile.

Tell a story. Tell about something fun you did or do, and say why you like it so much. Talk about something fun you have planned or want to do.

Don’t just say that you play tennis twice a week, but say why you like it so much and how it makes you fee. Engage.

Spend time on your profile. Make sure it has all fields filled out, have images (and videos), is fun, interesting and that if you saw it for the first time, you would think ‘oh, this seems like a really cool person’.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

Compare your profile to others and make sure yours is top notch.

If 300 people spend 2 minutes each checking out your profile, that is a total of 600 minutes, or 10 hours. That’s a lot of time spent on your profile.

We hope you agree with us that for 10 hours of user engagement (or likely even more) on your profile, it is worth putting in some real effort to make your profile look awesome. Agree?

And keep spending time on your profile. Don’t just create a profile and then never do anything else to it.

Update it every two weeks or so with a new main image or new information. Make sure your profile does not go stale.

If a person sees your profile once, and then puts you in the ‘maybe’ category, that person will probably not open your profile again later.

Unless you change your image or video and have something new.

If you change it, you are much more likely to see increased engagement. A stale profile dies.

Another very important point: You need to be active.

You should not create a profile, and then sit back and wait for things to happen. Because things may not happen.

And even if things do happen, a lot more things happen if you are active.

You need to engage and ‘mingle’. You need to reach out to people you are interested in. You need to start building connections.

Btw, don’t expect things to happen overnight. Don’t expect that you will have sex tomorrow with a member you message today. It may start slowly, evolve over days (or even weeks) until you hook up. Build comfort.

Another very important point: Message members the right way.

How To Message Members On Adult Dating Sites

If you want to become a king on the adult dating websites, you need to send messages that make the user want to respond.

What messages do you send? How do you get someone’s attention? What do you say to get laid?

I will tell you, just hold tight..

But first, a few words about what not to say.

Here are a few messages that people send again and again. And they make us cringe. Because they don’t work.


Awful. You are basically saying “I am too lazy to say anything interesting and sending this message to 100 members to see if anything sticks”. Avoid.

-”I love your pretty eyes”

Still awful. It is a no-effort-made message that is creepy. You do nothing to make the person smile, you offer nothing of value, and you portray yourself as lazy.

-”I see you’re into mountain climbing. I like that too.”

Yet another flat and lazy message with little to offer the other member. There is nothing in this message that makes the recipient really want to reply to you.

-”You are the hottest woman I have seen in a long time! I would love to meet you.

Bad. Really bad. You have not provided the recipient with anything of value. The recipient will think you send this to lots of other members. And will think you are sleazy.

What are some takeaways from these messages?

Short and simple messages are likely to fail. You need to demonstrate effort and to offer something of value.

Stay away from sex in the first message. You first need to build a connection, then you can get dirty.

And be careful about complimenting on looks in the first message. Build comfort.

The messages that often succeed are messages that offers the other member something of value.

Let’s take a deeper look at this:

A message can come in several forms and can have many intentions. However, messages can broadly be classified as either a ‘taker’ or a ‘giver’.

A ‘taker’ is a message that wants something from the recipient, but has noting to give or to offer.

A ‘giver’, gives the recipient something of value.

Let us repeat that: A giver provides the recipient with something of value.

What is ‘something of value’, you might ask.

Something of value is simply something the recipient finds interesting, funny, something that makes the recipient smile or gives the recipient a positive experience in one way or another.

So if your message makes the recipient laugh for instance, you have provided value.

We just said funny. Funny is the best tool (by far) in your toolbox. Make the recipient laugh or chuckle, and you have his or her attention. You may in fact be first in line already.

But before we talk more about being funny, there are generally three ways of giving the recipient something of value:

  • Humor (being funny)
  • Short stories (can also include humor)
  • Interesting facts

You want to stand out. Lots of people send short and sleazy messages, and particularly women can get their inbox full of these in one day.

You need to stand out using humor, short stories or facts. I know we said this already, but we’ll say it one more time: Humor beats pretty much any other form of message.

And, you need to tailor the message to the other person. Do not use canned messages that could be sent to anyone. It needs to be specific to the person you are sending it to.

Let’s give you some examples to help you understand. First let’s use humor. Let’s try to make the other member chuckle (or even laugh):

“Hi – I was just browsing through a few profiles and then got stuck on yours. I love the pictures of you and the 4 dogs playing in the snow. It reminds me soooo much of when I was a kid growing up in the woods of Viking-country Sweden. You made me day-dream for a couple of minutes back to the happy days in the snow! In fact, it really made me want to go dog-sledding now. I want to go! Wait.. – looking at tickets now.. hold on.. I’m buying tickets on this fancy looking websites.. This is going to be soooo much fun. Done! Catch you in two weeks! Yaaay!”

If the recipient has any sense of humor, she or he is very likely to reply to this message.

I mean, wouldn’t you?

You see how this message is tailored to her or him? You couldn’t send this to anyone, because not everyone has pictures of dogs in the snow. This message will stand out from the crowd.

Here is another one:

“Hi – just landed on your profile and your karaoke pictures got me smiling. Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time. I LOVE karaoke btw, it’s one of my favorite things to do! Although I may not be the greatest singer. -Actually, I take that back! I sang Bohemian Rhapsody in the shower this morning, and I think I might have just been BETTER than Freddie Mercury! 🙂 Hei – shall we start a band? We could be huge! -Or would we just argue non-stop about who should be the lead singer..?”

This message also uses humor, and is tailored specifically to the person receiving the message.

Most people with a sense of humor would reply to this. You see how this message offers value? And how it stands out from most other messages?

One more example using humor:

“Hi Susan42! Was just checking out your profile and I think we need to HURRY UP! The people in the boat behind you in your profile picture are about to FALL into the cold water! I am COMING! I will jump in and swim out to rescue them (I learned how to from Baywatch – I’ve totally got this!). Could you just do us a quick favor? I’ll drop off some matches as I sprint past you – could you collect some wood and get a fire going so we can all warm up after landing shivering on the beach? Pleeeease..??

Again, this message is tailored to the persons photo, it uses humor (offers something of value) and stands out from the crowd.

How many other messages do you think she or he gets that are like this? From experience, we can tell you: Very rarely!

Now, lets move on to the next form of providing value, which us using a short story:

Here is an example:

“Hi – I was looking at your profile and got smiling when I saw some of your pictures. You’ve been to Machu Picchu 4 times! That’s amazing!

I climbed up Machu Picchu myself last year! It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, I loved every moment of it. And standing on top looking out at the landscape below was just incredible. But, let me tell you a little secret. Please don’t tell anyone 🙂

So as we were climbing up, I really needed to pee. I strayed off a little to find a private location (not sure I was even supposed to do that), but then I stepped on a loose rock. The rock started rolling down, hit another rock, and all of a sudden there was an avalanche thundering down the hill. It was actually pretty frightening! I don’t think anyone noticed though. At least not in my group. Hopefully I didn’t ruin any ancient structures!

Hopefully you didn’t see signs of an avalanche last time you went..?”

You see how this is also tailored to the specific person and it provides something of value (funny or interesting story)? This message will stand out for sure and the likelihood of getting a reply from this is very high.

Let’s also take a look at how you can give someone something of value with an interesting fact. Here is an example:

“Hi – happy Friday! Had a browse through your profile and really wanted to say ‘hi’! Reading about your interests is almost scary because I like pretty much the exact same things you do! I also play tennis, run, love Alice In Chains and I am also addicted to cheese.

One thing we don’t have in common though, is your work. Hope Facebook is treating you well. Btw, did you know that there is a term called ‘Facebook Addiction Disorder’ or ‘FAD’? It’s actually a mental disorder as defined and used by psychologists.. What has happened to this world? ;))”

You see how this message is also tailored to the recipient, and how it uses an interesting fact about Facebook?

This type of message can also be useful in catching someone’s attention and to start a message exchange.

After the person responds to any of your initial messages, you are in. You now just have to keep it fun and interesting for a few more messages, and then set up the meetup.

We recommend having at least 10-15 messages back and forth before suggesting meeting up. Many people need some time to build enough trust and comfort before meeting up.

One final tip on your messages before we finish. And this applies to all your messages, whether it’s the first one or number 7.

Make your message easy to reply to.

What does this mean? Well, in your message, you should have provided more than one topic or hook that the recipient can easily tag on to.

If you just say “Such a hot day today” you haven’t given the recipient many options for replying and keeping the flow of the conversation.

If you instead say “Hi – what is happening with the weather? Is this what global warming feels like? I walked out of the office to get lunch today and it was so hot I was drenched by the time I got back to the office. Not only that, but I think I just got severely sunburned.. ;)”

With this message, you have given the recipient the option to reply and talk about 1) global warming, 2) what you had for lunch, 3) how hot it was, 4) your pale skin, and a few others.

See the difference? Make it easy for people to reply to your messages.

And now onto what you should do when you meet up to ensure a smooth evening.

What To Do When You Meet Your Sex Date?

There are normally two ways of meeting up. Either you meet at a public place to have a coffee / drink and get to know each other a little better before you get naked, or you meet at your or the other person’s home (or a hotel), to have sex.

Let’s say you meet up at a coffee shop close to your place. The intention is to meet for a little, and if you both still like each other, go to your place to get naked.

What do you say and what do you do?

The thought of this meeting may be frightening. One thing is to communicate online, another thing is to see this person face to face.

But it is normally a lot easier than you may think. All you really need to do, is to not screw things up.

Just be the guy in the profile. Make sure there is no big difference in what you portrayed in the profile and who you are when you meet him or her. Be cool, smile, and be fun.

But you are already almost there, so there is no need to try to impress. Don’t crack any jokes that could be inappropriate, don’t say anything extreme, and don’t do anything special.

Just have a very normal chat, smile, talk about usual stuff. Just remember to be that happy and smiley person.

After about 45 minutes, unless the other person has suggested leaving already, suggest heading off.

Just find a gap in the conversation, look at him or her and say “Shall we get out of here?”

Normally, the other person will say “sure” or “yes”, and then you start walking to your place.

There is a chance she may tell you no, and that she needs to head home. She may be nervous or may simple not want to have sex with you. In either case, respect her decision and accept that it didn’t work this time. Better luck next time.

When you are at your place, we recommend asking her if you wants some water or needs anything. She may want to use the toilet for instance.

If she says no, or when she is finished, start being physical. You can grab her hand or hands and kiss her face. If she complies, kiss her mouth and start making out.

Or you could give here a light shoulder massage. When things get hot, simply take her hand and lead her to your bedroom.

From here, we are sure you can handle the rest.

If you meet directly at your place, you should start by offering her something to drink. Coffee, tea, water or similar. Have a normal chat for about 30 minutes or so, and then start getting physical.

Then follow the same steps as above.

So what have we learned today?

  • We have learned how the hookup dating sites work
  • Who uses these casual dating websites
  • How to find the best adult dating websites
  • How much the top casual dating sites cost
  • How to create an awesome profile
  • How to send the right messages
  • What do do when you meet up
  • In short, how to master the adult dating sites and get laid every week

Lastly, to help you finding the best casual dating websites, we have presented some of the absolute premier sites for you on our main page.

Now, go put what you have learned into practice and get laid! Good luck!