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Best Free Adult Dating Sites

The 10 Best Free Adult Dating Sites And Apps

We all want to pay less for something if we can, right?

Or even get if for free!

I mean, we all want to keep as much of our precious cash in our wallets. True?

The same goes for hookup websites.

Who doesn’t want to get laid with beautiful people, easily, quickly, and totally free?

If it only was that simple..

Well it can be. But unfortunately, it’s normally a bit more complicated than that.

Because the free adult dating sites normally always have one or more.. hmm.. let’s call them issues. That said, you may still find what you want using these free hookup sites.

In this guide, we have provided you with the top 10 free casual dating sites, for you to explore as you wish.

But before we get to the top 10, let’s explore the three key issues with free casual dating sites. Each free casual dating site has its own set of issues (which we will explore individually), but these are the three broad categories:

  • Scammers / Fake Profiles: Because there is no cost to create a profile on a free adult dating websites, a lot of people who have no intent of finding a partner, also create profiles. What people often use these profiles for, is to try to take your money one way or another.

You may get a message about somebody’s sick aunt in a foreign country who needs medication urgently, otherwise she won’t make it. The message will normally ask you to send money so the sender can buy the medication she needs.

Or you may get a message about a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity that is so good you cannot pass it up. All you need to do is to send a sum of money to the sender and you will be rich.

Or someone may message you about an opportunity to work from home two hours a day and make $7,432 a week. Who wouldn’t want that?

These are all scams which purpose it is to trick honest members of these free casual dating sites to send money to the senders.

And these are just three examples, there are all kinds of different variations.

The sad truth?

Many people actually send money!

Needless to say, you should never take these messages seriously and never send money.

Unfortunately, you are likely to encounter scammers on the free casual dating websites.

  • Skewed Male / Female Ratio: Generally speaking, women tend to be more cautious and careful than men. This is normally also the case when it comes to a new sexual partner. Most women are concerned about safety, and therefore, most women want at least some layer of protection.

A free casual dating site is free-for-all. Anyone can enter and anyone can participate.

The free adult dating sites also normally have fewer rules and less restrictions in terms of what and how members can communicate. It can be a bit of the good old wild-wild west.

Many guys love this. However, many girls like things to be more controlled and orderly.

As a result, many women (even though they may sometimes crave sex more than men), are happy to pay for more safety when it comes to finding a sexual partner.

Paying means that she avoids a lot of the.. hmm.. creeps? freeloaders..? – not sure how to label these users, but the men that woman generally want to avoid.

On a paid site, a woman is more likely to find normal men who are genuinely interested in safe, free and easy sex – the same she is looking for.

Therefore, you will normally find fewer ladies on the free hookup sites.

  • Lower quality Members: This one is subjective, however, it is our opinion that both the quality of profiles, and the quality of people (that are looking for sex) on the free sites are inferior to what you find on the paid sites.

When people don’t have to pay to be on a casual dating website, people often also put less effort into their profiles.

You often see profiles with no pictures, profiles with almost no information and also lots of profiles that are inactive.

In  other words, when there is no cost to using these services, you also get a lower lever of effort and commitment.

Feel free to disagree with us, but we also feel that the quality of people looking for sex on the free hookup sites are often inferior to that of people on the paid adult dating sites.

We often don’t see many pictures of super hot and handsome people, often we see very explicit and un-classy pictures as profile pictures, we see spelling mistakes, and the approach people take is often more crude and brute.

On a paid hookup site, people often put in more effort since there is a cost to using the service. You normally find active profiles that are filled out and that contain nice images and also often videos.

All this said, and even though we prefer using the paid sites, people also get laid using the free sex dating sites, and you may get lucky as well.

You may be a person who cares more about saving money and less about spending time getting to the end-goal. If so, the free sites may work well for you.

There are very few (if any) very good free sites or apps dedicated to getting you laid. Most of the good free services cater both to users who want to find love and user who want sex.

This has to do with economics: Most of these websites and apps want to make money somehow, and typically either from ads or from selling premium memberships.

To make this work well, these services want as many users as possible, and hence you normally find that the successful ones cater to more than just the audience looking for sex.

Therefore, many of the sites and apps reviewed below are not ‘pure play’ hookup services.

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best free hookup sites:

The 10 Best Free Adult Dating Sites (Apps) For Sex

Do we really think Tinder is the best free place to get laid?

Yes we do!

Many people use Tinder to find love. But many people also use tinder for sex. Oh, and many people say they look for love on Tinder, but are actually looking for a hookup. Expect about half of it’s users to be open to sex.

However, our experience is that you should not be explicit about wanting sex. Meaning, stating in your description or first few messages that you want sex normally don’t get you far.

Your best bet is to go on a date, do and say the right things, escalate and try to close at the end of the first date. It has been done thousands of times before.

With more than 50 million members, your chances of getting laid are good.

Happn is yet another app that caters to both traditional relationships as well as hookups, and is similar to Tinder in many ways.

It’s also safe to say that the majority of users are casual daters or at least open to sex.

Happn matches you with nearby people, and also keeps track of how many times you and another person has crossed paths.

The process is the same as for Tinder: Match, meet, connect and try to close on the first date. Sexual approaches before you meet also here have a low success rate.

Happn has about 20 million users, which means your chances should be decent.

What is PlentyOfFish doing here? Isn’t it a regular dating site?

Well, it is. And it isn’t. PlentyOfFish started out as a traditional (but free) dating website many years ago.

It quickly climbed up the popularity charts, not just because it was free, but also because it changed to also allow for casual dating. It enabled you to find someone to have no-stings attached sex with.

It’s still free (you just have to put up with ads). Btw, keep an eye out for scammers.

Expect that 20-30% of PlentyOfFish users will be open to casual sex.

However, if you are a guy, you may need a little patience, as there are less than 1 girl for every 10 guys that want to hook up.

PlentyOfFish can be a bit rough around the edges, not particularly classy and the average quality of its users is in our opinion not the highest. However, your chances of finding average or below average partners is good as there are about 40 million users on the site.

OkCupid and PlentyOfFish are quite similar, and cater to more or less the same audience.

OkCupid also started out as a conventional dating site. But as it grew bigger, it also became super liberal and started welcoming users of all interests and backgrounds.

Which means you can seek dates that are interested in sex, open relationships, threesomes, etc.

In terms of quality of its users, OkCupid is in our opinion a step up from PlentyOfFish. Meaning the ‘hotness’ factor and ‘class’ is a little higher.

It’s also a more sophisticated, as it uses a % score to match you with other people, and puts more emphasis on matching you based on interests, likes and dislikes.

OkCupid also has about 40 million people worldwide, but a smaller portion of its users (10-15%) are looking for sex. It’s male-to-female ratio is also slightly better than PlentyOfFish. Your chances of getting laid should be decent.

Bumble is an app where only women can initiate the conversation. More power to the ladies!

You search and match the same way you do on Tinder, but the woman then has 24 hours to start the chat, otherwise the match is gone.

Bumble is used for regular dating, but a large portion (expect less than half) of users are also open to a fling and casual dating.

The process is the same as for Tinder: Match, meet, connect and try to close on the first date. Sexual approaches before you meet have a low success rate also here.

Bumble has about 20 million users, which means your chances should be decent.

Tingle is an app used to fast-connect with other people, and is by many also used for casual encounters.

If Tingle believes you are a good match with someone else, and you are in the same area, you will get a notification on your screen and can start communicating.

A nice feature is that you can do a voice or video chat directly, without first exchanging numbers.

The process is the same as for Tinder: Match, meet, connect and try to close on the first date. You should also here avoid sexual approaches until you have met and established a connection.

Tingle has about 5 million users, which means your chances should be OK.

Down is an app that lets you find partners for sex.

When you see someone you like, you can choose whether you would like to go on a date or ‘get down’ with this person. However, this app is all about sex (getting down).

Down will match you with people in your Facebook network, meaning friends and friends of friends.

This also means you are not able to find perfect strangers.

There is a premium version, but you can use the basic version for free. However, you will be reminded about the premium one rather frequently.

As with most of the dating / hookup apps, matching is based on looks and swiping.

In our opinion, Down is an OK app for getting laid, it’s just not great. It also only has about 3 million users, which means you may need more patience than with other services.

Blendr is also an app for both dating and getting laid, but is very frequently used for getting laid.

It connects you with other people based on location, and will show you a map of the approximate location of other users. If you like someone’s profile, you swipe to let them know what you are interested in.

It has a free basic version with paid premium features. Be warned that if you start using it, you may find it frustrating to use without paying for the premium features.

The process is the same as for many of these apps: Match, meet, connect and try to close on the first date. You best bet is to not suggest sex before you meet.

Blendr isn’t our favorite free app for hooking up, but you may still get lucky. However, with only about 2 million users, some patience may be required.

Craigslist is a website for many things, such as selling your used furniture and finding a job.

But people also use Craigslist to find casual sex partners.

In fact, Craigslist was one of the earliest online services that enabled you to find sex partners.

You may not find the classiest and hottest people on Craigslist, but you may very well get laid. Lots of people have done it before.

It is however mostly used in the U.S. and Canada, so it may not be great if you are in a far-away country.

Our experience tells us that you are likely to find a good number of scammers here, so be prepared to filter now and then.

We planned to write about Mingle2Datehookup, Fdating and Saucydates individually.

However, they are all quite similar and based on our experience, mostly a waste of effort and time.

They don’t have a lot of users, are not well-designed and functionality is weak.

If you want to get laid quickly and often, we recommend staying away from these casual dating sites.